Revolt Magazine editorial board currently engaged in a wellness break. Regular publications will commence soon.

Revolt Magazine accepts unpublished essays, fiction, poetry, photography, art, music, and film.

The author grants first Philippine serial rights to Revolt Magazine. Right reverts to the author upon publication. We encourage simultaneous submissions but inform us if your piece is accepted first elsewhere.

Rolling deadline for all genres. Submissions are always open.

Revolt Magazine is a community magazine based in the Philippines with no private or corporate funding. This being our state, we cannot pay for accepted submissions. Authors/creators whose works will be selected for the collections, later on, will receive a complimentary copy in either digital form (full layout PDF) or in print if our finances allow it.

Authors are required to use their real names.

Revolt Magazine will be publishing on an on-going basis as pieces are selected over time. The online version of the magazine, powered by the community, will always be free to read by everyone.

Teachers: You may link to any content of the website if you wish to use them for teaching.

What We’re Looking For

The content of the Revolt Magazine website is the best explanation of what we’d like to see in submissions. Be sure to read some of the pieces on our website before submitting.

What to Email

Send all submissions to with subject line AUTHOR’S FULL NAME, GENRE, TITLE.

(Example: Sarah Dumaguiba, Fiction, Pagwawakas)

Include in 100 words or less the author’s bio in the third person. Add the bio to the main body of the email.

From time to time, we may ask authors to revise their works as we see fit. We are not obliged to critique or revise any pieces submitted to us.

Authors may submit up to 3 works or suites of work sequentially. Send in separate emails. After the third submission, please wait for our response before submitting once more.

Alternatively, you may use our JotForm submission page. File size limit is ten megabytes only.


We accept submissions in Filipino and English.

We also accept submissions in other Philippine languages, if the author agrees to have the piece translated to either Filipino or English. If selected, both versions of the piece will be published.

We accept submissions from other nationalities in English. The work may have been originally written in English, or if not, the author has the option to have it translated to English.

Written consent from the author must be included if the work is in translation. The author may perform the declaration. Include the consent/declaration in a separate DOCX or PDF file in the submission email.

Who Can Submit

Submissions are open to Filipinos (in the PH and abroad) and writers of other nationalities.


We accept personal essays, criticism, analysis, and community reports.
Community journalists and writers are encouraged to submit unpublished pieces.
Photo essays are accepted. Send photos in PNG or JPEG format.

Experimental and non-conventional prose are also welcome, within reason. The authors may send us photographs to accompany their pieces.

Length: 1000 to 6000 words max.

Send in DOCX or DOC format. Send photos in PNG or JPEG format. Send additional online material via links to your accounts (Vimeo, YouTube, etc.)


A Suite of Flash Fiction: 3-5 flash fiction pieces, 150-400 words each. We may publish all or select the best ones. You may send the entire suite in one file or multiple files in one email.

Short Story: 1500 – 10,000 words max
A Portion of a Novel: 10,000 words max
Children’s Story – 1000-2500 words max

Send in DOCX or DOC format. We encourage authors to submit associated art for their pieces. This is entirely up to the author, however. Send any associated art or images in PNG or JPEG format.


Send a suite of 3-5 poems. We may publish all or select the best ones. Shape poetry is no longer accepted due to Web formatting issues. You may send the entire suite in one file or in multiple files in one email. Send in DOCX or DOC format.

Web Series

Revolt Magazine is open to authors and creators who would like to have their work featured in the magazine as a series. We refer to works like comics, novels, or even a short story or flash fiction collection built up over time. We may also consider a photography or art series, as long as there is a strong sense of seriality in the material. Send your pitch as well as any samples you might have available. Send a letter of intent and include the pitch in the main body of the email.

Visual Art and Photography

Photography and art are most welcome. Please send with an accompanying write-up of no less than 700 words. Send photos in PNG or JPEG format.

Photography: Please send with accompanying captions in a separated DOCX or DOC file. Send the image files separately. You may utilize Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other file sharing service to convey the high quality images to us.

Photographers are free to provide sketches or short essays about their works. 300 to 2000 words.

Art: Artists are encouraged to provide a sketch or short essay about their art. 300 to 2000 words max.


Revolt Magazine now accepts zine submissions. Zines can be 5-50 pages long, in whatever orientation or formatting. Provide your best render in PDF format and a short snippet or synopsis about the zine. The contents of zine submissions will be evaluated the same way as we evaluate other types of submissions. Zines that emphasize the visual rather than the textual are very much welcome. We look forward to reading your zines. Accepted zines will be available for download on the Revolt Magazine website.

Music and Film

The magazine can feature short films, music, and other similar creations from time to time. Please send with an accompanying write-up of no less than 700 words. Provide us with the appropriate links to your account/s on Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube, Vimeo, or any other platform that you use.

Collaborative Creations

Revolt Magazine encourages different kinds of creators to collaborate. Simply email us your ideas or output and we’ll see if we can run it in the magazine.

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