Revolt Magazine came about to respond to the need of the Philippine writing community for additional platforms for their voices to be heard. Works published on the Revolt Magazine website will be included in the selection pool for the first digital edition of the magazine, which will be made available at Issuu. Rolling deadline for all genres. Submissions are always open.

Isang Buntong Hininga

Paano mo kukuhanin ang kapangyarihang naka-ugat na sa bawat salik ng lipunan? Ano ang mga hakbang para muling maibalik sa taong bayan ang kakayahang magdesisyon para sa kani-kanilang mga komunidad? Paano natin bibigyang espasyo ang sarili na pag-isipan ang bawat kapalit ng mga desisyon ng mga taong nasa kapangyarihan, gaano kalaki ang tingga na tatama […]

January is Zero Waste Month in PH

Through Proclamation No. 760 in 2014 by then President Benigno Aquino III which declared January of every year as Zero Waste Month, the celebration aims to guide people in changing their lifestyles and practices to emulate sustainable natural cycles where all discarded materials are designed to become resources for others to use.  During this month-long celebration, we […]

Asia Kakehashi Project: Call for Applications

Calling all interested high school students! Asia Kakehashi Project is now open for application until February 10, 2021. High school students (born after April 2, 2003, and before April 1, 2006) who have an interest in experience studying in Japan for an academic year are highly encouraged to apply here for a full scholarship funded […]

The Year I Last Saw Kel

It was one afternoon in 2019 and I was sitting inside McDanold’s, Espada. Under the fluorescent glow and incessant Love Niya ‘To Pero ‘Di Ako tune, I dunk fries into a sundae nearing its soup stage. In front of me, Kel, who I’ve known since high school, plunged a plastic fork into the McChicken’s meat. […]

Si Lito

Ika-apat na kabanata ng nobelang Kaaway

In The Name of Humanity

A death will always be a death, no matter how you spin it. The weight of the tragedy doubles, triples, and increases interminably, when you find out that possibly eleven men caused it, and the death was the result of rape. The death becomes more than just death, but cold-blooded murder, one committed against a […]

Postmodern Musings

From the Author “Postmodern Musings are simply that—a collection of random thoughts that took different literary forms of varying perceived realities. I write about things that capture my curiosity, so all the pieces here are about things I find interesting. I don’t believe in rules or formal structures in writing—but musings are, after all, disorganized […]


From the Author “This zine is a small collection of poems written from the perspective of desire, yearning, and nostalgia. These are fragments of stranded intimacies, a collection of words we never got to say, and how we design ourselves to be vulnerable and how we prepare for the inevitable.”

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