Press Release

Esperma Book Grant’s Call for Submissions Conclude for 2020


Esperma Book Grant, the annual book grant founded by Rebo Press founder Maria Kristelle Jimenez, has recently concluded its call for submissions.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the deadline for submissions has been extended a handful of times to give writers additional opportunities, due to the natural difficulties faced by the country in these trying times.

The Esperma Book Grant endeavors to provide a renewed platform for writers from the youth sector to shine by offering an opportunity to be published by an independent press in the Philippines.

According to Rebo Press founder Maria Kristelle Jimenez, the Esperma Book Grant “necessarily champions the most promising youth writers of today, as we face even bigger threats to our democratic rights, including our rights to expression and dissent.”

A total of 17 entries and 13 participants have been finalized from the call for submissions. The Esperma Book Grant has fielded 5 English entries and 12 Filipino entries. Four finalists will be selected from each pool, accordingly.

Announcement for the Esperma Book Grant’s finalist will be announced at February 28, 2021.

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