Peter Pan and Captain Hook

I had turned twenty-one when I read
how and why Hook lost his right hand:
In battle, Pan maimed him,
fed the hand to the Crocodile who fancied
the taste of his flesh.

It soon grew hungry, famished
for the rest of the poor Captain.
In perpetuity,
through every nook
and cranny of Neverland,
the Crocodile chased Hook,
cursing Peter for making
his perfectly wretched life
more wretched.

In our Neverland,
Pans dismember Hooks.
Rapacious Reptiles lust
after these Half-Handless Lives.
No wonder why
we are stuck
in this swirling
delirious limbo of a gyre
of Beasts stalking
Men stalking
Men with revenge
in sight.

Hezekiah Louie Zaraspe is currently finishing his M.A. in Creative Writing at the UST Graduate School. He teaches language and literature classes at Miriam College Nuvali. His short stories, “Private Mirage” and “Nirvana”, have been featured by Miriam College’s “Bukad”. His poems have been published by Revolt Magazine. UP Manila’s forthcoming anthology, “Locked Down, Lit Up: An Anthology of Creative Work in a Time of Quarantine”, will feature his flash fiction piece, “Sleep is a Truce, Dreams its Succor”. Inquirer published his first essay in Filipino, “Pagbili ng barbecue, paglunok ng katotohanan”.

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