I Was the Shepherd That Was Lost

I cannot sleep
the sheep were dead
one was strangulated
two were drowned
three were deboned just now
by the Hunter
two nights ago he was still there
in the forest behind my house
I was the shepherd
that was lost

I cannot sleep
in these coils of wools
one sheep leapt
two sheep leapt
three sheep leapt
then the Hunter leapt out from the fog
lurking beneath these coils of wools
last night he was down here
knitting silken dreams
with his claws

I cannot sleep
a down of sheep
another down of sheep
tonight, the Hunter, he was a sheep too
with fangs of a wolf, stripes of a tiger
hood of a snake, spikes of the crocodiles
Naked, I picked up all his skin-clothes;
like him, I was the new Hunter
again, sadly, I was the shepherd
that was lost

Ismim Putera is a poet and writer from Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. His work has appeared in Anak Sastra, Ghostheart Literary, Ayaskala, Prismatica, Eksentrika and elsewhere. In his free time, he enjoys reading sci-fi, horror, and dark fantasy fictions.

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