Her iron flies over

Her iron flies over
a fresh batch,
wrists twisting
stubborn creases
to perfection.
She doesn’t notice
the passage of time
or the split-second stay
of tot-sized shirts against
her floral padding.
She forgets the buzz of riveting
mid-afternoon drama
unfolding on the screen,
but remembers to appease
oncoming tantrums
with the flip of a channel.
She twists, buttons,
and hangs.
Her iron flies over
a fresh batch,
pressing over dark spots
of water and nosing into collars,
cuffs and sleeves.

She regards the familiar:
the strong scent
of hot metal
and the soft feeling
of a pristine blue evening shirt,
all the care and excess love
wasted on such unwitting fabric.
It ruins itself the moment
an arm shoves its way in.

It wriggles, heaves and
quickly leaps from her hands —
then a muffled goodbye
and the vague impression
of a kiss.

Paulo Lorenzo L. Garcia is a Literature and Oral Communication teacher. He is currently pursuing his MA-Creative Writing at the University of Santo Tomas. A number of his poems have appeared in “The Literary Yard.” He hopes to publish a poetry collection in the future.

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