Balik sa Agi

lantawa ang imong liog sa samin
kon imo kining ipauk-ok ug ilingi
adunay badlis-badlis nga molakra niini.
bawga kuno imong lawas ug lantawa ang napilo nimong tiyan
aduna dihay mohulma nga mga linya-linya.
ipiko daw ang imong lukonan
ug lantawa ang imong lapalapa
makita nimo ang nakulit nga mga kinurisan.

kay sa higayon nga manglingi ta sa kagahapon,
adunay mang uk-ok nga pagbati.
sa higayon nga atong bawgon ang atong
gipangbungat nga mga pulong,
adunay mosuwail nga mga kasubo.
ug kon atong ipiko ang atong mga kaugalingon
sa mga butang way kasigurohan,
ang kahigayonan mupatoyang pag kuriskuris kanato.

maong, sa karon palang, kon sa tan-aw nato
nga hinay-hinay nang minguk-ok ang mga badlis-badlis
diin milakra sa atong pagbati, kon ang mga linya-linya
nangabawog na nga miholma sa atong kasing-kasing,
ug kon ang kuris-kuris nangapiko na
sa pagkulit sa atong dughan–mangpiyong ta ug moaninaw.
kay diha sa atong paglantaw unya sa kahapsay sa kangitngit—
badlisan, linyahan, ug kuriskurisan natog balik
ang nagkahanap natong pagbati.

Back to where we were*

look at your neck in the mirror
if you’ll try to shrink and move it
it will be marked with lines.
try to bend your body
and see your skewed tummy,
a series of lines, too, will form
check the part of your ankle
and then see the sole of your foot
you’ll notice the carvings on it.

for some feelings hid themselves
when we try to look at the past.
the time we bend the words we
uttered, bits of sadness appear.
and if we move ourselves,
to things that are uncertain,
chances are, fate will smash
us into pieces.

which is why, as soon as we think
that the lines where our feelings rest,
when we think that the markings that
drew our hearts are twisted,
and when we think that the scribbles could
not etch something on our chests,
let’s close our eyes and reflect.
there, we will discern through the serenity
of darkness. we will once again make scribbles
and mark the blurring presence of our past.

*translation in English

Ivanie Michmir is from Ormoc City, Leyte but currently resides in Cebu City. His works appear in different literary journals, anthologies, the Manila Bulletin’s Bisaya Magasin and others. He was a fellow of the Cebu Young Writers Studio, Bathalad-Sugbo’s Kagis Workshop, and the Iligan National Writers Workshop. He is currently affiliated to Bathalad-Sugbo and Hablon, group of collective writers in Cebu. He is currently studying at University of Cebu – Main Campus while working full-time at Teleperformance Inc. as CSR.

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